Intelligent Optical Sorting


Oculus, uses 360º vision, which allows for easy and effective inspection of every part of the tuber, infrared cameras for the most effective identification of greens, and the latest digital colour cameras delivering market leading resolution of up to 0.25mm sq pixel size for exceptional accuracy of defect identification.

Oculus identifies and sorts extremely easily and effectively for a range of surface abnormalities and diseases, including bumps and notches, skin discolouration, green and dark colours and common defects like green and mechanical damage, common scab, cracks and black dot.

Oculus 1000 Oculus Model Graph

Oculus Models

450 450

up to 7tph

1000 1000

up to 18tph

1300 1300

up to 25tph

2000 2000

up to 37tph

2400 2400

up to 45tph

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