Wet Reception Hopper

Pre-soaking system for vegetables

The wet reception hopper system is more than just a pre-soak tank and has additional features and functionality which sets it apart from the competition. It provides an initial gentle reception of crop into water and then performs a soaking process before transferring crop to the rest of the processing line. During the flow through the system, sludge, stones and floating debris can be removed and delivered to one side of the hopper. The end result of this wet reception hopper is a “clean” waste free vegetable stream. The wet reception hopper is not designed to replace the core washing process but essentially improve the overall process and efficiency of cleaning. Its multi-functionality makes it unique and the auger base and optional drag chain combination also removes sludge / debris effectively from the base of the tank. The wet reception hopper has a capacity of up to 50tph.

  • A capacity range from 5TPH per hour to 50TPH per hour
  • Driven auger base to tank Elevator Belt
  • Effective stone separation area
  • Web delivery elevator to drain excess water
  • Integrated spray bar for fresh or recycled water rinse
  • Sensing system to prevent overfeed
  • Durable rubber chevron de-stoner elevator belt to handle stones
  • Floating object removal system
  • Simple pneumatic gate valve for waste water discharge
  • Sludge scraper/drag chain system to remove “solid” waste
  • Extended tank for side delivery
  • Electronic variable speed drive to control flow rate from elevator
  • Both mild and stainless steel construction available
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