Wave Motion Sizer

The Herbert VECTOR grading module is the result of extensive research and development to improve the performance and accuracy of screen sizing particularly when working with larger mesh screens and long tuber varieties.

In contrast to almost all other sizers, the top rear and bottom front rollers drive the screen of the VECTOR. The screen on the front roller is carried on a series of freely rotating discs that protrude just above the intermediate pintle sections allowing them to be driven at twice the forward speed of the screen.

  • Suitable for potatoes, onions, bulbs and red beet
  • Long tuber ejection as standard
  • Independent inverter drives to both screen and agitator.
  • New design for quick and easy screen changes
  • High capacity accurate crop sizing
  • No impact damage
  • Robust and simple construction
  • Direct replacement into most existing Herbert grading lines
  • Brush section rollers for Onions
  • Spacer belts to pitch grader cross conveyors to suit other equipment
  • Screen racks to store alternative screens above the module
  • Interchange facility to move module sideways on repetitive screen changes
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