Single Box Filler

Gentle low transfer filling of boxes

The Herbert single box filler provides gentle and efficient box filling from grading and packing lines by lifting the box to almost a 90 degree angle. Produce is delivered onto the side of the box, keeping the transfer height to a minimum. Under probe control the box then lowers as its fills until its fully down position is reached. The final signal indicates the box is full and if required stops the equipment feeding the system.

  • The wide top conveyor allows for maximum fill, across the width of the box
  • Fully Catagory 4 light beam safety system
  • Low level discharge and consistent crop detection using ultrasonic sensors
  • High capacity output from 5 to 10TPH
  • Weigh cell systems can be easily added
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Optional adjustable base platform to accommodate different sized boxes
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