Lift Roller Grader

Highly efficient robust system for multiple sizing

The Herbert lift roller grader offers flexible grading for capacities from 5tph to 50tph for a range of produce. Stainless steel rollers convey produce through the machine removing the smallest first, then other sizes subsequently dropping through the rollers prior to the end drive. The flexible design allows it to takes out up to 6 grades and delivers onto conveyors for transport to the next process. The grader has variable speed drive for throughput adjustment with simple grade adjustments being are made from one side via adjustable jacks. The Herbert Lift Roller Grader provides an extensive grading size range between 20-90mm.

  • High output grading for a wide range of produce
  • Capacity up to 50 tonnes per hour
  • Quiet operation due to simple design
  • Stainless steel rollers
  • Multiple grades within a compact footprint
  • Variable speed roller bed using inverter control
  • Easy adjustment of grades by simple hand jacks
  • Roller size and chain pitch to suit sizing application
  • Spool roller option for grading round produce
  • Strong and robust construction to ensure reliability and longevity
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