High Angle Box Tipper

High angle tipping with automatic box discharge

  • 160° rotation to give positive emptying of boxes
  • Uprated hydraulic system giving gentle controlled flow emptying of up to 30 tip cycles per hour
  • Fully automated tipping sequence
  • Empty box ejected sideways onto awaiting platform (optional)
  • 0.75 tonne holding hopper/conveyor with auto-variable flow rate to ensure smooth delivery of crop
  • Reduction in box handling prevents premature wear on boxes
  • Cross matrix light curtain safety system
  • Standard unit capable of handling up to 1.1m high boxes
  • Space saving design (ejection of empty box in same vertical plane as full)
  • Specialist models available on request (i.e. 2 tonne boxes)
  • Increased capacity holding hoppers
  • Split door facility for part emptying boxes
  • Side eject platform for empty boxes
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