Grader Module

High capacity, accurate rotary screen sizing

Herbert screen systems are robustly built to suit the demands of todays operators. Modules can be integrated into mobile systems, static lines, process intake facilities or used as individual single grading units. The accuracy of screen grading means this type of technology is very popular across a wide spectrum of sectors and product type.

  • Suitable for potatoes, onions, beet and bulbs
  • Triple short throw agitators
  • High capacity accurate crop grading
  • Well proven design and robust construction
  • “Push and Pull” drive mechanism
  • Simple screen tensioning system
  • Optional steel, rubber or plastic screens
  • Separate variable electronic agitation
  • Haulm roller assembly at discharge end (removes loose stalks, top etc.)
  • Hexagonal steel screens for use on onions and bulbs
  • Tuber eject roller (to remove long potatoes from the screen prior to reaching the pintle drive roller and preventing damage)
  • Separate variable electronic tuber eject or roller
  • Spacer belts to pitch grader cross conveyors to suit automatic box handling systems
  • Screen racks to store alternative screens above the module
  • Interchange facility to move module on size changes
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