New synthetic bunkers for root crops

Introducing our innovative plastic bunker

We, at Herbert Solutions, are always striving for better ways to improve food processing solutions. Our latest innovation in the field of processing is the plastic potato bunker. We are very proud to introduce this new product to the industry as this bunker is particularly designed to meet their needs. During the designing process we specifically paid attention to the quality during handling and processing. Whereas the usual bunkers are made of painted steel or stainless steel, our new potato bunker is made of plastic materials. This design has a few advantages compared to the traditional design. In February, Herbert Solutions will officially be introducing the synthetic potato bunker at Fruit Logistica 2019 in Berlin.

Resistance to wearing out and development of rust

Over time, painted steel and stainless steel have the tendency to wear out quickly when wet products rub against the material very often. To prevent the bunker from wearing out, the use of plastic material is a better solution. Moreover, mild steel can get rusty because of the rubbing of the potatoes. The rubbing results in the paint wearing away and eventually the development of rust which will contaminate the potatoes. Our new plastic bunker avoids rust or decay.

No transmitting of dirt and bacteria

Plastic material is very smooth which means bacteria and dirt have no chance of attaching to it. This is a big advantage compared to painted mild steel and stainless steel because there will be no transmitting of any dirt or bacteria when switching products.

Clever design

During the design of the plastic potato bunker we anticipated future developments and the ability to quickly install the bunker for the customers. We also took into account that the bunker will be placed near food products. Hence, our bunker does not require any welding or cutting during installation and mounting. We also thought about potential expansions of the bunker installations in the future. If necessary, expansions can easily be integrated. Conclusion, a design without any maintenance and very low operation costs, best cost of ownership!

Insulated panels

At Herbert Solutions we always aim for lower costs and better quality. That is why the plastic panels used for the bunker are insulated. As a result, it is easier to hold the crop at lower temperatures further maintaining better product quality.