Innovations in washing and electronic sorting for potatoes

Herbert is constantly looking for ways to improve their potato processing solutions. One of these innovations is a new washing technique. Mark Verschuren says, this technique guarantees a cleaner potato at the end of production. Another innovation is the several possibilities for electronic sorting. The equipment can sort on quality, average length and samples.

Washing innovations

The door construction of our potato washer is designed in a special way. The construction makes it possible to adjust the opening of the output, based on the number of products inside the drum. Many or few potatoes, small or big, we can adjust the opening to your needs to get the potatoes as clean as possible.

An innovative system in the bottom of the tank takes away silt from the drum. Between the drum and the bottom of the tank we create an area with stagnant water. In this area the silt will drop to the bottom of the tank. This silt will be disposed with an adjustable frequency, which leads to cleaner water and cleaner potatoes.

Electronic sorting

Herbert offers several ways of electronic sorting. We can sort on quality, average length and samples.

Quality sorting

Herbert makes it possible to sort washed potatoes on quality using cameras. A 360 degrees technology assess the potatoes with an accuracy of 0,25 mm2 and 95%. This technology can handle up to 45 tonnes per hour.

Sample input

The Input of products is based on samples. These samples will be reviewed by the smallest machine of the Oculus family (oculus 1000). This electronic sorter collects and sends out product data, which eliminates manual inspection on for example colour.

Average length sorting

Our electronic sorter makes it possible to deliver a constant output in terms of length. It is completely independent on the input and the best solution for potato fries. The system will monitor the average length. If the potato doesn’t fit the requirements, the sorter will send it to the wedges or flakes. Based on the quality and the size of the potato.