Fresh thinking of TOP Belgian Potato Packer

Fresh thinking of TOP Belgian Potato Packer

Herbert Solutions installs new Oculus Electronic sorters in replacement of roller inspection, before final packaging.

Being a dedicated supplier of pre-packed potato to the Belgium’s largest supermarket chain, means that this packing specialist understands only too well the importance of remaining at the top of technology. Doing nothing is not standing still, but moving in reverse.

Reliable and good working machinery is the key. Having a good relation with Herbert’s for many years on their latest developments and methods of thinking, Herbert Solutions was our first choice to enhance that approach by installing electronic sorters instead manual inspection to obtain a labour efficient high throughput with consistent  quality grading performance.

An increase in demand from their largest customer meant that this major packer needed to achieve a higher throughput, within the confines of a normal working shift pattern. Having met with the business proprietor, we discussed their requirements and Herbert Solutions confirmed the best way to achieve this aim was to replace the manual roller inspection just before the weighers with high speed Oculus electronic sorters and incorporating this latest inspection system, before leading onto high speed weighers and packers free of staff.

However, the addition of this new sorter created its own challenges as the existing system was fed by several manual grading lines. The upgrade resulted in the integration of five new Oculus sorters and the need to reroute existing conveyors required careful design, planning and integration with the rest of the existing lines.

We were very pleased with the offered solution, it will bring us in the front end of the industry.